The Institute of Botany, Academy of Science of the Czech Republic (ASCR)

The Institute of Botany of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic (ASCR), v.v.i. is a research institute that does fundamental research on vegetation at the level of organism, populations, communities of plants and ecosystems. The following diverse fields of study are represented: taxonomy, biosystematics and phytogeography of higher and lower plants (e.g., algology, ecotoxicology, mycology and lichenology) including selected groups of fungi (projects Flora of the Czech Republic and Vegetation mapping of individual varieties, co-operation dealing with flora of the different parts of Europe), plant ecology (population biology, synecology, comparative and production ecology, ecophysiology), mycorrhizal symbioses and geobotany of large complexes of vegetation, including vegetation mapping and paleoecology. Currently, the institute is especially concerned with biodiversity and evolutionary trends among plants, ecology of invasive species, responses of plants and vegetation to environmental changes and the mechanisms that enable species to coexist in ecosystems.

Presentation of the Institute of Botany ASCR 

photography by: Milan Blažek, Jiří Burda, Martin Hajman, Barbora Kačmáčková, Jiří Podrazil, Ivan Staňa,
Markéta Tichá, Marek Vaneš, archiv Botanického ústavu AVČR

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